Employee Monitoring Software to enable you keep track of your employees


What We Offer

ActivityTrack is an Employee Monitoring Software that Enables You Keep Track Of your Work Force, This Can be a Remote Work Force Or a Non Remote Work Force.

It Works By You the Employer Downloading and Installing Our Custom Tracking Agents, which then sends Reports to your Dashboard In a Secure and Encrypted Manner

We offer a 14 days Free Trial to enable you test Our services and decide if it a good fit for your organization


ActivityTrack Features

Customize Features as Needed for each employee

Time Tracking
Idle Time Tracking
Track Websites Visited
Track Applications Usage
Track Keyboard Activity
Track Mouse Activity
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ActivityTrack Preview

ActivityTrack's Detailed Dashboard

ActivityTrack Offers A detailed Dashboard where you can view stats as shown in the image on the left

With the Dashboard You can View:

  • Current Number of Employees
  • Time Tracked for each Employee
  • Top Applications Used by each employee
  • Total Idle Time for each employee

You can Also View:

  • Top Employees by hours Logged
  • Total Active Time for each Employee
  • Top Websites Visited by each employee
  • Total Untracked Time for each employee
  • Total Mouse Activity for each Employee
  • Total Keyboard Activity for each Employee


ActivityTrack Provides you a view of screenshots from employees computer which can be filtered by employee and Time Period

You can also Customize Features for each employee

Reports And ActivityLogs

ActivityTrack Provides you concise reports for each employee which can be exported to a CSV file

ActivityTrack also provides you with a timestep view of activities(The activitylog) so you can track down what any employee was doing at a particular instance in time

ActivityTrack Pricing


$12.50/user per month


  • Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • Applications Usage Tracking
  • Websites Visited Tracking
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Mouse Activity Tracking
  • Keyboard Activity Tracking
  • 24 hours Support
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Create Unlimited Admins
  • Stealth Mode

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